Queensland Government Employees – Motor Vehicles & Novated Leasing

Queensland Government employees are able to salary package motor vehicles through a novated lease set up with their employer. Under a novated lease agreement, your private-use vehicle becomes a benefit through the payment of the lease and operating costs from pre-tax or a combination of pre-tax and post-tax dollars. Your vehicle is acquired by the finance company and leased back to you for a contracted period of time, in return for fixed monthly payments and an agreed residual amount.

There are two salary packaging providers for Queensland Government employees, Remuneration Services (QLD) Pty Ltd (Remserv) and Smart Salary Pty Limited (SmartSalary). However did you know that you DO NOT have to settle for the quote provided by either Remserv or SmartSalary.

So what does this mean? You have a CHOICE of your own financier and should obtain a number of quotes. When you have settled on a particular quote for your chosen vehicle, you, your employer and the financier will sign the Queensland Government approved deed on novation.

Before signing up for your next vehicle why not contact us for a quote and let us show you just how competitive we are and how we can source your chosen vehicle. With our novated leasing partner we can set up your salary packaging correctly with your preferred provider (Remserv or SmartSalary) using the correct Queensland Government approved deed on novation.

It does pay to understand your rights!

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